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Why is Spc Floor not Popular?

Jan. 27, 2021

1. The spc floor is a rigid plastic floor. The Spc Floor Manufacturers are mainly engaged in the export or tooling market, and home improvement is not very popular. Because of consumers' early recognition of decoration materials, the market share of spc flooring is low. In the eyes of many consumers, plastic products give people a sense of cheapness, so most owners will tend to choose traditional flooring.

Spc Floor

Spc Floor

2. The spc floor is a thin floor, which requires very high ground flatness. Using the traditional ground leveling method, even if the ground flatness error meets the national standard, there will be some problems in paving the spc floor. The Spc Floor is generally low in appearance and the decoration effect is average, and many paving methods cannot be done.

3. SPC lock floor is composed of thick wear-resistant layer, UV layer, color film texture layer and base material layer. European and American countries call this kind of floor rigid plastic floor. The base material is a composite board made of stone powder and thermoplastic polymer material after being evenly stirred and then extruded at high temperature. At the same time, it has the properties and characteristics of wood and plastic to ensure the strength and toughness of the floor.

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