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Are SPC Flooring And PVC Flooring the Same Kind of Flooring?

Mar. 03, 2021

SPC lock floor is a very popular new floor material nowadays, so are SPC floor and PVC floor often said to be the same kind of floor? Next, the SPC Flooring Supplier will give you answers.

SPC Flooring

SPC Flooring

SPC floor: The main raw material is high-quality polyvinyl chloride resin. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It is natural and environmentally friendly. It is 100% free of formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and carcinogens, no soluble volatiles, and no radiation. SPC floor is a new type of material invented in response to the country's emission reduction. Hard SPC indoor floor is very popular in the foreign home improvement market, and it is perfect for home decoration.

PVC floor: It is a new type of light-body floor decoration material that is very popular in the world today, also known as "light-body floor material". It is a popular product in Japan, South Korea, Europe, America and Asia. It has been popular abroad. It entered the Chinese market in the early 1980s. It has been widely recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China and is widely used, such as homes, hospitals, Schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commerce, and other places.

Spc Stone Pvc Flooring refers to the floor made of polyvinyl chloride material. Specifically, polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin are used as the main raw materials, and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials are added. On a continuous sheet-like substrate, it is coated or calendered, extruded or extruded. Craftsmanship.

SPC floor is actually a kind of PVC floor classification. LVT floor and WPC floor are also PVC floor. The main component is polyvinyl chloride. It is a new type of material invented in response to national emission reduction. Now foreign home decoration has been very commonly used in SPC Floor. As a result, the application in the domestic market is becoming wider and wider.

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